Our main mission is to be totally dedicated to raising funds to assist in the everyday struggle to ensure that the people in the community have food on a regular basis. In addition to food, we also look for opportunities to help by providing people with clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene products for the homeless and less fortunate.

We network with various organizations and individuals who are very dedicated to helping uplift struggling people in the community. Our goal is to fundraise, and apply for grants, in an effort to someday open our own pantry and kitchen so that we can serve healthy meals on a regular basis.

In the past, we’ve worked with FOOD NOT BOMBs and salute them for continually and faithfully going out into the community with hot healthy meals for people. Often paying out of pocket or by using donations from other concerned people in the community.

we want to continue to do the work we do on a higher level, with more resources to assist the community and its needs.